Factors for digital marketing

Factors for digital marketing

Trends that help you stay in online competition


Since the launch of SmartPhones, the market was exploding with Mobile Devices. Google’s Android devices have already surpassed the desktop PCs.

The algorithm called – “Mobilegeddon” was brought by Google in 2015, and according to it, the sites are now required to develop a SEO strategy as per the mobile devices as well. This algorithm will not only change the SEO market but also make it easier for users to develop a marketing strategy and connect to more users.

2.Social Media Optimization(SMO):

SMO is basically utilizing Social Media Outlets and/or Communities to enhance visibility and awareness of a product, brand or event.

Publishing, Photo-Sharing, Audio/Video and Social Networking are the key features for SMO. Millions of social sites are developed these days which can be utilized to increase the number of clients that any business possesses. Thinking locally while acting globally is the trend for SMO, which even helps small start-ups go online and present their views to unlimited users and get positive feedback

3.App Store Optimization(ASO):

People over the globe are spending an increased amount of time on their Mobile Devices and using Mobile Apps.

Such easy to download Apps are replacing Websites viewed on PCs and have become the digital market for brands.

Development companies optimize any App they created with this method and gradually increase the traffic towards the downloading of their project. Adding Keywords with “Chance Metrics” technique can uplift the App visibility. Points undertaken as per many developers are Searches, Download Relevance and Ability to Rank. Using such methodology, a business can widely increase their market network and in return, earn more margins of profits.

4.Ads on Social Media / Google Ad Keywords:

With the increase in the use of Social Media Websites/Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there has been a rapid increase in Online Advertising.

About one fourth of people globally, have made an online purchase by viewing Social Media Advertisement. Google Ad Keywords help any business achieve the likes of target audience. Platform selection related to your product and target audience can help you get a wide recognition. Examining the content to be posted and promoting it on the store will help make it popular. Providing useful links like “Contact us” or “Click here for more details” to the users can be convenient for them. Users should experience convenience while navigating through your App, this way you give the user something to do once rather than just promoting your website.

5.Pay Per Click(PPC):

PPC is a digital advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which any business pays a website owner or a web network when the desired Ads are clicked.

Typically associated with search engines, PPC helps the SEO of the company to build an income source and promote the business online. PPC can also help a firm to keep a track of frequent users and further converting them into potential customers.

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