When it comes to networking, this library makes every developer’s life a whole lot easier. AFNetworking is a light-weight and fast networking library that uses blocks and GCD (Grand Central Dispatch).


AFNetworking has a great category to load images from the web (UIImageView+AFNetworking), but there’s a library even more suited to this task.


If you are working on an app that requires communication with a remote server, chances are you’ll get a JSON response. This is where JSONModel comes to the rescue.


Objective-C framework inspired by functional programming. It provides methods to compose and transform streams of values. It functions by using signals (RACSignal) that capture present and future values. You can observe and update values by chaining, combining and reacting to signals.


The Core Data API is used by iOS developers to persist and query user data. While powerful, using its API can also be quite time-consuming and contain a lot of boilerplate code.



Gson is a Java library used for serializing and deserializing Java objects from and into JSON. A task you will frequently need to do if you communicate with APIs. We mostly use JSON because it’s lightweight and much simpler than XML.


ActiveAndroid is an ORM for Android. It’s an abstraction over SQLite which allows you to communicate with a database on a device without writing SQL statements.


From their site: “Retrofit turns your REST API into a Java interface.” It’s an elegant solution for organizing API calls in a project. The request method and relative URL are added with an annotation, which makes code clean and simple.

Universal Image Loader:

UIL is a library which provides asynchronous, out of the box loading and caching of images.

EventBus :

EventBus is a library that simplifies communication between different parts of your application. For example, sending something from an Activity to a running Service, or easy interaction between fragments.


Unity-chan! Model:

This anime style model is good for prototyping a game, it includes ready to use 74 animations, poses and emotions!This model is subject to a licence, please read it before use

UMA – Unity Multipurpose Avatar:

This is an Open Source Avatar creation kit sponsored by Unity, it make humanoid characters creation very easy throght Unity Editor. (It’s comparable to Daz Studio Genesis).

Inventory System:

Need an inventory for your game character? You can’t find an easier way to implement it as the one proposed by “Inventory System”. Select your Character game object, click on “Setup” and voilà !



Ender allows you to search, install, manage and compile front-end JavaScript packages and their dependencies. Essentially, it’s a command-line tool that allows you to combine and mix all of the popular and small JavaScript libraries out there to create your own personal development library.


This is a Chrome Browser Extension that’s open source. It allows you to measure everything you see in the browser, such as images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text, and icons. It’s particularly useful for when your designer has mocked up a website in a PDF: simply drop it into the browser and measure the elements.

Tilt Firefox Extension: DOM Inspection In 3-D:

Mozilla’s new tool, Tilt Firefox Extension lets you visualize the DOM tree of any Web page in 3-D. Because the DOM is essentially a tree-like representation of a document, the developers of the tool have decided to layer nodes based on the nesting in a tree, creating stacks of elements, each with a corresponding depth, and textured according to the Web page being rendered.


Duo’s philosophy is to create quick proofs of concept, write modular components, and build large web applications. It does this incredibly simply through one package manager, allowing you to write front-end code quickly and painlessly.

The Semantic Grid System:

Bootstrap is a toolkit that includes the base CSS and HTML for typography, tables, grids, navigation, error messages, modal boxes, buttons and forms. It’s built with the LESS framework.